About Mitchell

I am a BA (Hons) candidate at Yale-NUS College, a highly selective liberal arts college in Singapore. I am passionate about economics, politics, and technology. In particular, I believe in the power of private enterprise, decentralised decision-making, and stable institutions to deliver prosperity and freedom.

My experience includes developing and costing economic policy for a political party during a General Election, writing mission-critical software for a large logistics company, researching the private equity industry for an international think tank, and coaching collegiate and schools debating. I also occassionally write a blog.

I am always open for opportunities in the commercial sector to apply my analytical and technical skills in new industries. I am also available to assist not-for-profits, advocacy groups, and market-oriented political parties looking to achieve change. I am based in Singapore, but I do not work on partisan political activity here. I was raised in New Zealand and am available to work remotely.

A copy of my resume (with a debating-related appendix) is avaliable for download here.